Who cares?

Dont be the hydrant if you can be top dog, is the attitude of many these days!

Nobody seems to mind nowadays what authority has to say. It seems that skepticism has taken root in the lowliest to the loftiest.

All bets are off where trust comes into play. The only real word given, or accepted, is the one backed up with legalise.

There is no way to make someone budge excepting threats from the long arm of the law!

What’s going on? Has the world lost it’s innocence? Apparently so.

Now I’d venture to confess that in spite of good intentions, things sometimes go awry. If you really care, genuine sincerity must be backed up with covering your rear.

Use good sense. 

Honestly, the world has changed, so don’t be naive, be wise.

Who cares? Depends on the subject and the person. 

I hate to say it, but nobody cares unless they have something to gain from caring, or if they are your mom.

Mom’s care.

Just remember to be careful.

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