Undervalued Intelligent Employees

Something I discovered while out shopping today is that some employees in retail should value themselves better. It’s not that their employers don’t appreciate them, it’s that the employee who is intelligent is not reaching out for a higher, loftier, and probably better paying position.
Granted, some people are the perfect fit for their job. Their job doesn’t call for a lot of brain work, and that’s probably good enough for them. They probably live paycheck-to-paycheck, or else they’re just clocking in time for the people contact, or some other reason.

However, when you encounter a man or a woman who is too large for their position, you kind of feel sorry for them. You think to yourself, this person with an exacting mind and a high polish does not belong here. It would be better for them to use their practical mind in some other way more beneficial to the world.

Then again, some people enjoy selling socks. Maybe that’s as far as they’ll go in life. Maybe they put their intelligent energy in running a happy home, or maybe someone has not alerted them to the fact that life could be much more fulfilling to them if they reach out for a better job.

You may be a brainiac, but nobody will speak up for you.

If you think you deserve a whole lot better than you’re getting; if people admire you for your intelligence, and all the while you’re just doing scut work for low pay, well that’s okay for your employer and customers, but is that okay for you?

We need more ambition in our lives. This ambition means defining your dream and playing to your strengths, otherwise you will always be stuck at slave wages, doing the bidding of less intelligent people than you.

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