Surrounded by winners

You’ve heard it said that you become the equivalent of those you hang around with. I am surrounded by winners. I cannot say how it all happened but I can say part of it has to do with my close association with my husband who is an MD, his relations and my relations including my fabulously beautiful, extremely talented sister who sings better opera than Sarah Brightman, in my humble opinion, and my super talented brother who works for a Fortune 500 company and is very active and athletic. Also, not to boast, being a radio announcer where I live in the heartland, I encounter many Superstar people.

I called them Superstars because they have their heads on straight. They are Straight Shooters. They tell it like it is. They are real people and not posers.

Being surrounded by winners helps me to be happy because when I get all nervous and flustered, with my ADHD, I get the advice I need to calm down and move ahead with maturity and soundness of mind.

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