Summer in Minnesota


Here in the Northern Hemisphere Summer arrives a little after 5 this afternoon.
We are right where we need to be temperature-wise here in Southern Minnesota.
75 degrees and sunny.
Spring was lovely.
There were a few days and nights which were either too hot, or too stormy, but farmers and gardeners expect a bumper crop this year.
Alas, the weeds are proliferating along with the good plants.
So, summer is almost here and it will be a great one!
I am glad to be in the state of Minnesota in the summer.
Except for the mosquitos and other buzzing, biting bugaboos.
I am glad that the parks, fields and gardens are blossoming in spite of the fierce storms and heat that came and went.
I know Autumn here is a huge delight as well.
So we press on and watch baseball or see it on the radio. We go to the lake or we stay in the air-conditioning and cool off with good Schell’s beer.
That’s what we do here in the Land of Lakes!
Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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