It’s All About the Comic Con


Can I help it that I am excited? Yes, it’s that time of year again when I devote hours planning what I will wear to the San Diego Comic Con(vention) International 2016!
The digs are reserved, the press badges confirmed, and the airline tickets are paid for.
Now it’s time to buy, or put together from my overstuffed closets things to wear to the party!!!
What a party Comic Con is!
Ok, let me admit I am a sucker for Cosplay!
I am a sucker for celebrity-sightings as well.
The mama-side of me tells me that celebrities are just people like you and me, but the girlish side of me gets extremely excited when she espies Danny De Vito, OMG! He’s so short!
Kevin Sabo. OMG! He is so sweet! He waited to have his photo with me before getting on the elevator! And giving my music CD Molly and Sonny Boy to Adam West, the only real Batman in my books. OMG! He took it!
Can’t wait for Comic Con!
Now let’s see who will I pretend to be?

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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