Lousy Legacy


You have to understand that in spite of all the noise from the media, when it comes to living
the good life, it’s all just temporary.
I’ve discovered that while rich people may seem to enjoy finer stuff, their focus is the same as you and me.

They want to enjoy a long life, and they want to continue to be able to afford living the lifestyle they have become accustomed to living.
Sadly, you can’t take it with you.

So, while the majority of people are worrying about accumulating more stuff, the aging well-to-do are concerned about leaving a legacy.

More aging middle-income folks are leaving a horrible legacy, leaving a pile of junk for the family to have to sift through, in order to either sell the house, or to vacate the premises of their deceased parent’s crap.

All these trends are food for thought.

My future plans are to focus on getting better at my work (music, and broadcasting,) so I can earn more money to travel more, and own less stuff.

The stuff I want to buy will be of higher quality and greater value. Less can be more, just remember, try not to leave a lousy legacy.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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