The best of the best


When one thinks about our grandparent’s day we think about how life was a little less complicated.
I just watched an old movie reel on YouTube that I thought was very fascinating about small city living.
A Day in the Life in the 50s
When we think about the future, we imagine advanced implants, and intricate technologies that supersede the imagination. Do you think of people being disconnected? Do we think of people lonely and suicidal? Or does the future hold a promise of exciting living with all the boring aspects of life eliminated? I think about living here in the middle of Minnesota and how life holds firmly to traditional values, on the surface, that is.
Must I decry all the blended-extended families?
What about the way revolutionary science has changed medical practices and saved lives?
I think that in some ways, the future needs to be embraced and encouraged. But with all the Marilyn Monroe wannabes, and the retro-programming in movies and TV, ( they’re even bringing the TV show The Odd Couple back!) we need not fear we will lose our past!
In fact, we standing on the shoulders of giants. We have the best of the best and it’s only going to get better!

Musically yours, Amy Zents

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