Telephones in retirement


I always laugh when people think certain things have become obsolete.
The old saying, “What goes around comes around,” holds true.
People often get consumed by the bells and whistles of the newest, electronic gadgets.
I’m one of those people. Even so, I still find it hard to let go of my past techy treasures.
I, for one, still have my “old” Wii, my PlayStations 1 and 2, my Nintendo DS, (all the versions,) including my favorite, the bigger version.
I also own a phonograph player, a transistor radio, and an AM/FM radio.
I love my walkie talkies, because I can access Noaa Weather even if there is no Internet access.

In fact, I would still have a landline if I didn’t become victimized by telephone pranksters.
Here is the story.
We used to have at least 6 phones on the property.
It was tolerable, and even somewhat fun, to hear the phones all ringing in full-throated chorus throughout the house, when someone occasionally telephoned us.
However, once I posted my home phone number on my website, something changed.

The phones started ringing off the hook! Sometimes we would get 17 calls an hour, non-stop.
All the nuisance calls occurred even though I was registered on the Do Not Call list.
Our telephone company said there was nothing they could do to stop it.

We could not tolerate six or seven telephones in the house jangling uproariously non-stop. You see, my husband sleeps during the day after working 12 hour shifts. Also, our nerves were getting shot.
The first thing we tried was to unplug the phones. Later on we decided to try plugging in our phones again. It was to no avail.

Due to those many nuisance calls from auto-dialers and telemarketers, calling at all hours, wasting our time, and the phone company taking our money, but not helping us, we decided it was time to get rid of our land line.

It was probably the brightest idea we had. Life became sweet and quiet. Our cell phone provider saved the day. Today, I practically live on my cell phone, a smartphone.

Sadly, in different nooks and crannies around the house the old phones are a reminder of a bygone era.
Even now, we live with these vestiges of the past, a princess phone, a couple of wall phones, cordless phones and retro phones.
It’s a crying shame those old phones are now retired.

Musically yours, Amy Zents

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