Skip the flowers, let’s talk!

Find inspiration in each other!

You can spend a lot of money to take a flower-arranging class, or maybe drop half a 100 bucks on painting and Pinot, but whichever class or workshop you sign up for, you’ll find benefits come from co-mingling and communication.
Sometimes your class or workshop is lubricated with alcohol, and there are munchies offered too. Nevertheless, it’s usually a joyful time. People are in a jovial mood. It’s time to relax.
I love these things, these classes with a central theme, that inspire creativity and conversation.
Whatever you like, be it flower-arranging, stitch and b****, learning to mix cocktails, quilting bees or cooking classes, you’re never too old to have some fun, and maybe even learn something.
Of course, you’ll find life sometimes gets in the way of fun times: the price of gas going up and down, the crazy in the truck who stares you down who looks like Rasputin, the time you misplaced your wallet and found it stuck in between two pots in the kitchen, or heaven forbid, when you’re trying to get out of
the door and the car keys aren’t where you left them!
With such variety in life in the way of hobbies, I predict in the future more of us will invest a little time and cash in getting to know our neighbor through taking community-based classes or workshops.

Musically yours, Amy Zents

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