And it makes me wonder


Sometimes you wonder who’s who on the Internet. You cast your words out like a giant net, you share your stories, your feelings, your thoughts to anyone who cares to read your posts. Then slowly, and sadly you find out that there are those out there who are imposters.

Sometimes men pretend to be women, some women pretend to be celebrities, some teenagers pretend to be professionals, And so it goes, nobody knows . It doesn’t matter who they say they are, they may be someone altogether different.

Once in awhile you get a troll, some creep that pops up out of nowhere. Perhaps you let them be your friend on Facebook, and then you find out the crazy side of their personality.

Can we screen people better? Should we have to know who they really are?
In the future I believe there will probably be a screening method that will force people to be honest online.

I’m sure the phonies would not like that. For now, we only hope to attract people who are sincere. There is a plus to social media. It opens doors to connect old friends, gather new friends, and make us richer in many ways.

Musically yours, Amy Zents

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