Leasing a lifestyle


As it stands, it seems that stuff takes over our life. I love the way it is when my husband and I go traveling. We have a clean organized hotel room, a limited amount of luggage, and a base to start from that is not all cluttered with things old and new. Like the song says, how much baby do we really need? I imagine people who do not want to do all the work of dispersing their worldly goods before they pass away, would do well with a service that provides them with a top-notch lifestyle with no strings attached. I hope someday to indulge in such a leasing lifestyle. If you covet a Tesla, lease it, you can charter a jet, you can rent a luxury purse or luxury Villa. Often they say ownership is nine tenths of the law and we’ve been brainwashed to accumulate and own, but since your time on earth is limited and you can’t take it with you, why not borrow or rent after you retire? Or better yet before you retire. It’s getting rid of things that I’m working on.


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