Weekend Workers

Automaton worker, New Ulm Glockenspiel outside my radio station where I work

I am a weekend worker.

Professional radio announcer Amy Zents

Casual dress is OK when you don’t see anyone else but the radio DJ who worked a shift before you.

Today I am at my radio station doing my Sunday afternoon shift at knuj.net.


I would probably not come out on a nice day if I didn’t love my work.

Yesterday I worked from 130pm until 7pm.

It was girl’s softball on the FM all afternoon yesterday.

As I wheeled into the downtown area where my station is located on a glorious Saturday afternoon, I thought of the many storeclerks, volunteers and other workers who had to be indoors on such a spectacular day.

My boss would call it a Play Hooky Day.

Cheers to all the weekend workers again! You are all amazing! 👏

Haywire weekend


How come my heart rate is up today?
It’s because it’s been a very violent weekend in America.
As a radio broadcaster, and weekend newscaster, I have had to read and hear about the most heinous crimes against fellow humans hour after hour.
So much human life lost to criminally insane people.
Senseless killing.
It hurts to work in bringing news to the world when my fellow humankind are working against peace and love.
I hope someday there will be a way to find harmony among all nationalities.
This foolishness has to stop!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents