Training and Gear


l attended a talk last night about running. The theme was From couch to 5K.

The talk was informative.

l found out most injuries happen to beginning runners. No big surprise there.

ln fact, the 2 biggest problems come from inadequate training & inadequate gear.

Folks make poor choices when buying running shoes, mainly people buying a half-size too small of a shoe, or else they don’t buy a new pair when the shock absorption in their shoes is shot. After 5 miles of running 25% of shock absorption is gone.

Also, their loose-fitting cotton socks don’t wick away moisture, so they get more blisters.

Next, training is where a lot of runners fall down. Their leg & hip & knee muscles are just too weak to support the pounding.

I learned that running hills is one of the easier ways to injure yourself. Did you know running downhill puts 50% more pressure on your joints? A great way to get sidelined if you are not in condition.

Last, but not least, if you can shorten your stride, you will find less pressure is put on your knees, for health and joy in running!

Remember, to get to where you want to go, you have to walk before you can run!







Don’t whack your liver with Tylenol if your knee is bad

I don’t usually post videos on my blog. I realize many of my friends have knee problems. Even once in awhile my knee hurts.

If you are carrying extra weight, or if you have sports injuries that have damaged your knee or knees, you may find watching this video eye-opening! It’s something to be celebrated. Know that there is hope for you!

I found it fascinating to get an insight on how different medical professionals treat knee problems.

Here is a surgeon telling you that the road to knee health doesn’t necessarily mean a future of discomfort and a downward spiral to amputation, or liver damage.

Listen to it while you’re relaxing with knees up, and be reassured medical professionals are working on getting safe, proper knee help.

I’m thrilled to hear that it is to become available at a reasonable cost to the public.

AcuKnee Talk
AcuKnee may help to avoid knee replacements.