Studying Commitment


I have a lot of books. Many times I scoop them up at library book sales, or just aquire them at book stalls.

Later on I discover them in the house, sometimes many years after I brought them home.

Sometimes the books are found not so neatly on a bookshelf, and sometimes I find them in a bag or a box stacked on a table or the floor.

I’ve started studying a book I found in a bag underneath a desk. It’s called “Commit to win,” by Heidi Reeder, PhD.

Get committed

It’s about how to harness the four elements of commitment to reach your goals.

She elaborates on the 4 areas of commitment that I never heard of.

They are: treasures, troubles, contributions and choices. Basically the 4 ingredients that go into any commitment.

It’s food for thought if you plan on making a commitment and plan on succeeding in fulfilling it.

I have 3 areas I am trying to get committed to doing.

I. I need to drop some excess fat; 35 lbs. exactly.

2. I need to get rid of a lot of old junk in my living space, so as to upgrade my style and feel happier at home. Yes, I have a lot of stuff.

3. Lastly, I need to get my music business organized.

That means finding, labeling, and organizing eveything from books to instruments, to recording units, and sound equipment not just for insurance purposes either.

There are also the intangibles of my band Molly and Sonny Boy that need attention like websites and digital photos, contacts and financial files

I would like to get all 3 commitments fulfilled in the next 5 months. However, there is a difference between deciding to do something and actually getting started. I will keep you posted!

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