Unfriended? Here’s how to cope.

When friends leave, friends grieve.

So your feelings are hurt. Someone you cared about unfriended you on Facebook. You don’t know the reason why. You don’t use the F-word on your Facebook page, you don’t slam political parties, all you seem to love is food, pets and flowers.

It doesn’t help to go chasing after that person. I’ve tried it. Believe me, it doesn’t help.

Granted, I’ve read a lot of remedies for when people unfriend you, and some of them are pretty nasty. Apparently, I’m not the only sensitive person who doesn’t like being rejected.

However, I learned the hard way not to chase after your friend, who’s decided to stop being your friend on Facebook.

My Twitter account goes up and down like the weather, sometimes I have over 3065 followers on Twitter other times I only have 3000 or less.

I don’t worry much about my Twitter account for some reason. However, I do like my Facebook account. I take it more seriously, because a lot of those people, are actually people I know personally!

When friendships fluctuate on Facebook, it makes me a little more concerned.

Perhaps the feeling in the pit of my stomach will disappear shortly. Perhaps I can forget about being unfriended by certain individuals. At least I still have many of my long time friends, still as my friends, on Facebook.

Majority rules, right? Count your blessings and not your stressings.

Anyways, it makes me appreciate the friends that do remain on my side. It does hurt however, when people you like unfriend you.

It makes you grieve. But to be clear, it’s better to appreciate those that stick with you, then to go crazy after those who walk away.


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