Noticeable Improvements

Since my truck got vandelized I spent money to get it repaired.
Sadly, my Maui bumper sticker, my Radio is Heard Here bumper sticker, along with a few other cherished bumper stickers, I had to travel hither and yon for, have all been removed for the new paint job. 

I flew so far and so long to buy that Maui bumper sticker, another trip to the Aloha state awaits, in my mind. You know you have to have your Hawaii bumper sticker right?

All kidding aside, they did an awesome repair job on my truck.

The back of my truck makes it look like a brand new truck. Especially with the new Frontier sign on my Nissan. They got rid of the old one, and the new one makes the truck look a lot newer, at least from the rear. I still have dings, dents and rust here and there on other parts of my truck, but the rear looks amazing!

It’s amazing how just a replacement part can revitalize a thing. My truck has really nice comfortable seats, but the upholstery is starting to see wear and tear, and I’m contemplating either replacing the seats or else having the upholstery repaired. It’s nice when things look nice. Same goes for people.

There’s a girl I know who’s decided to embrace antiquity. In letting herself go, she looks ancient before her time . At least in my opinion. I have a problem with that. I want to stay as young and as vital and as inspiring to others, as long as I can.

Some people give into the grey hair, and the idea of looking like a granny, after a certain age. Give me the look of Raquel Welch or else even the look of Martha Stewart instead. 

No use looking decrepit in your middle fifties or middle seventies! As long as Medical Science allows, make yourself look good.

But, to each his own. For me, I want to live forever and stay forever young!

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