Decision to darken my hair

It’s been a few years since I’ve had darker hair. I’ve been blonde for many, many years and I keep going back to blonde hair.

Part of it had to do with a book I read about looking years younger by Joan Rivers. She wrote as you get older your hair should get lighter.

I took it to heart. So I was platinum blonde, burning off the ends of my hair, thus it wouldn’t grow long like it used to be when I had my natural color.

It was time for a reset. What is bleach, but a burning peroxide that breaks off the ends of your hair.

Nevertheless, I’d been bleaching my hair for years and years. However, I want to grow my hair long, and bleaching your hair does not help in the quest.

In trying to get my hair to grow back to it’s natural color, I chose not to cut it all off down to the quick.

I’ve even had friends that shave their head completely to grow back their natural hair. That is not me. I did not want to sacrifice the length, so I sacrificed the color, instead.

Surprisingly, one person said that I look younger with this new hair colour closer to my own.

Although, I miss my old blonde hair, at least I know now I will be able to grow it down to my shoulders with it’s natural Ash colour, with a few highlights. As much as I like hair extensions, or as you can see above, a Wiglet of blonde, I prefer natural, long, beautiful hair.

I wear hair extensions, and I find them fun, but they are also hot and itchy. 

My desire is to grow my natural hair long, and the only way to save my scalp and my hair follicles, is to take a break from all the bleach.

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