Fiendish Fame



Recently I was a victim of a criminal act. Somebody broke the hatch of my truck trying to break in. They also damaged my tail lights and scratched up the body of my pickup. I told people about it on my Facebook page. I was pretty upset. But do people really have to know about this? I had to ask myself why I felt compelled to tell others about it.

Child endangerment, animal cruelty, deadly risks, disgusting images, foul language, criminal behavior: these are just a few things I see on my Facebook and Twitter page as I scroll through the feeds. What’s it all about?

People desire the gift of Fame. Yes it is a gift. The gift that we give is our attention. People pay attention to the unusual, the strange and the bizarre.

Other people put those things up or share those things, but why?

Disturbing images are disturbing. We don’t need that in our world. Reality is disturbing enough.

Often these images make people more callous to others suffering. I block all those things as soon as they crop up. I unfriend those who like to get their jollies scaring people and upsetting them.

I don’t want to be an ostrich with my head in the sand, I know evil exists.

This doesn’t mean that I care to engage with it or pay attention to it. I hope people wise up and try to look for the good in life instead of only wickedness.

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