Be friends with your brain!

No matter what you think, you need your brain!

The brain is the frontier that most people think of when they think of the most intricate part of the human body. The human brain is more intricate than any Swiss watch or man-made computer. We did not have to pay for this brain, it was a gift to us at birth, with all the other priceless gifts that we have that make up our human body including our heart, and lungs, and life.
When you hear about a lot of suicides in the news, and lots of depression, and mental diseases that get people to the ER, the problems can go back to problems with their brain.

I no longer watch TV before bed. I’ve decided to make my brain my best friend. That means preventing it from turning against me. The brain needs nurturing with healthy food and drink, lots of laughter, and lots of rest.

Too often, people abuse their brain by not getting enough sleep. This world we live in is full of distractions. This world can cause people to get so weary, they kill each other on the roads because they fall asleep behind the wheel, or else they are not well-rested enough to focus on their driving.

Besides doing other people harm, they often do themselves harm because they have not had enough sleep, or not had good enough sleep.

When people’s brains turn against them, you often see people turn to drugs and drink to try and straighten things out. Faulty reasoning takes over.

Take care of that marvelous piece of machinery your brain, and your brain will take care of you!

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