Think about what you do.

I have noticed that sometimes I do things without thinking. Stupid little things like holding on to junk mail, or odds and ends. Other times I notice how others will barge in during my conversation with a friend, or when a friend completely ignores my presence when they find something or someone else that grabs their attention. 

I remember one time I was at a party. I wanted to impress my boss with my jazz singing the song, My Funny Valentine, with the Jim Whitman Trio. I told him I’m getting up shortly to sing.

I finished singing, and I came back to the table. My boss who loves to talk, said he was so engrossed in conversation, he missed it.

I remember there were times when my mother forgot all about me and everyone ate supper without me. It reminds me of that little mouse who’s whole family moves away without him. He comes home to an empty house. Nobody has missed him.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself because I am in quite demand now. In the past I was shy and insecure. My sister got me over that by pushing me in the deep end. She pushed me out on stage with my quaking knees to sing, Billy don’t be a hero. 

My inherent shyness stuck with me throughout High School. It was only when I fell for a liar who broke my heart, that I was awakened to my verbal power. The guy who stole my heart and broke it, told me I should be a radio DJ. So I took it to heart, and things have only gotten better!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I guess this is a lesson in my life that we need to pay attention to others, and others need to pay attention to us to make us feel happy.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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