Don’t dance with the devil if you want to be free!!!

For some dysfunctional artistic folk, drama is their meat and bread. They really believe that vice is nice, or else they have bought into the idea that suffering produces great art. One theatre set-builder I knew felt his work wouldn’t be a success unless he got some of his blood on it. Eww!

My old drama coach used to tell me, save the drama for the stage.

Nevertheless, the lives of many of our most creative and celebrated authors, actors and artists reveal great sacrifices on those who dare draw close to them.

Just getting close to these narcissistic neon lights are enough to blind paramours to their many faults.

These creative individuals who walk on the edge of sanity seem to give off a strange allure.

The temptation to enable them is strong, almost addictive! Add to it their talent or verbosity, and you may get easily hooked.

Satellites of loquacious or sullen luminaries often pay a price, and yet for awhile they enjoy a crazy, sometimes delightful rollercoaster ride.

Who wants a boring life?

I’ll take a 21st century life in the rurals of Minnesota over a heady, congested downtown city life by far, just like I will avoid people who radiate charm but trigger my internal BS detector.

The price is too high for me, thank you very much. Been there, done that. How pathetic or tragic these talented idiots may seem, they are just not worth the pain. By all accounts, these geniuses of manipulation never will apologize for tbeir unpleasantness, unless it suits their means.

Glad to have survived. Glad to blog often and share my stories. Give me nature, music and pets, good food, a fun job and a faithful, quiet husband.

That’s good enough for me.

Not every genius is a glorified goon, but many are! 

I think Henry Rollins says it best in the great song, Liar

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