Good Philly, Bad Philly

Today I was thinking about cities in the US.

I went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the first time last year. Philadelphia is quite the city. 

It has a densely populated downtown, with the voice of history decorating Liberty Square and its surrounding historical attractions.

I had a chance to see some monumental historical sites including the Liberty Bell and Independence Square.

I enjoyed seeing some reenactments of the decisive and divisive issue of the American colonies separation from Great Britain in 1776, and the events that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Nevertheless, I also had my smartphone, a brand-new one, stolen.

One middle-aged woman I encountered in the downtown area, decided that I should buy her breakfast, when I walked into a food market across the street from our convention Hotel.

I didn’t know what to think. I was sort of shocked at her chutzpah.

There was quite an array of folk at the food market. Some representing poverty and others representing extreme wealth.

So that is what cities do. It collects the best of society and the worst. It collects the finest and the fairest, the poorest and the barest.

I feel more circumspect about Philadelphia now that I got my smartphone replaced.

Even still, I had to divorce from my mobile provider for actually activating my stolen smartphone and giving the thief mobile service, after I had reported to them that my new smartphone was stolen.

You would love Philadelphia if you love American history. And if you love large beautiful hotels, fine live entertainment, and delicious food served in beautiful restaurants, go to Philadelphia with lots of money. Otherwise, you may see things that make you sad. 

Many cities have the same things that Philadelphia has: poverty, crime and corruption. I guess that’s people for you. The division between rich and poor?

It’s everywhere.

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