Free advice paid for by someone else

Canada switched to the metric system while I was a kid still living in Toronto.

There were big efforts pushed to help people understand the centimeter, the millimeter and the hectare.

The rest of the world smiled indulgently whilst Canadians struggled to jump on the metric bandwagon. 

America just shrugged its shoulders and continued to buy cheaper gas by the gallon, drinking pints and quarts of booze and ice cream shakes.

All kidding aside, it seems our culture is fascinated by all forms of self-improvement in print and on the screen.

Nevertheless, obesity, addictions, embezzlements and domestic violence still stick around.

Answers are out there. Solutions are given freely in schools, magazines, talk shows, and anywhere you look online for scientific and sincere answers.

The problem comes with application. Time to get off the pot. People start making changes when they decide to.

It’s not that hard, but it requires effort, belief, and consistency.

As Nike says, Just do it!

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