A weird day away!

Yesterday I didn’t listen to the radio, or watch the television news.There was a tragedy where two brothers from a nearby town were killed an experimental plane.

Apparently, the plane had fuel and people too heavy for it to bear. When the plane went down an eyewitness  called nine-one-one. But it was too late. The 2 men, brothers, in their early to mid- fifties were killed in the plane crash. The coroner’s office detected marijuana in the body of the pilot.

I only found out about it today, and my boss chided me by saying we reported on it on the radio yesterday!

Nevertheless, that did not lessen the shock to me because weirdly, I had been thinking about one of the gentlemen, just a few days ago.

It was actually 15 years earlier I met him once and he told me he worked for a company called Medtronic. I’d been thinking about that company because it dealt in research and products that interested me . It shocked me when  I recognized his name in the paper.

To think of someone 15 years later and then to read their name in the newspaper a couple days later is weird I think.

But isn’t it true, sometimes we think of someone we know or like, or worse someone we don’t like, or we even say their name, and the next thing you know we see them.

Creepy isn’t it? It’s important to keep a positive attitude. Sunshine and flowers! Laughter and positive thoughts! Please!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents 

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