Bingo and Irish Songs


I caught a little culture tonight in town. It was mostly karaoke and drinking, with a little gambling thrown in, at the American Legion.

I played bingo. I was unaware that there were so many different variations of the game Bingo.
It was eye-opening. Like any type of gambling with numbers, the odds are in the numbers favor. There are so many numbers!

Nevertheless, somebody won the $1,000 jackpot at the end of the night. Needless to say, it wasn’t me.

It was Saint Patrick’s Day, and in the bars and restaurants all the good old Irish traditional melodies were being played or sung.

I imagine in the future all the references in the old Irish songs will need to be explained to the younger generation. The world has changed so much and continues to change.

What one needs not explain is the wonderful fun that comes with the rousing beat, and the hilarious lyrics.
There may be new Irish songs written, but the old ones, the classics such as “My Wild Irish Rose,” “Danny Boy,” “McNamara’s band” and “Molly Malone” linger on and on and on.
my band sings Molly Malone

Musically yours, Amy Zents

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