Happy hour every hour

We all love happy hour. Traditionally known as “beer-thirty,” and immortalized in that country song, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”
To make happy hour every hour of the day and night, it doesn’t take large volumes of alcohol, and delicious, crispy deep-fried munchies.
With judicious planning, every hour of your day and night can be happy hour. It all boils down to your self-direction and follow-through.
Try this little experiment. Get up in the morning, and make a note to yourself as to what you would like to do for the next 12 hours. In other words, lead yourself first. Keep your heart happy by focusing on each task you have to do or just want to do. (Keep your list near.) Throughout the day, imagine how good you will feel when you have reached your target or your intention. Take a little time out here and there to enjoy good food and drink, and revel in your innate power. You can do it! Go for it and make every hour, your happy hour..

Musically yours, Amy Zents

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