True love is not what you see on TV

Here is a very long poem I composed for my honey James for Valentine’s in 2014 called “Cupid’s Dart.”

Love has come to me
As from a distant shore,
After many travails and treacherous paths,
My prince of valor,
My handsome companion,
My dearest friend has arrived,
I am so grateful for my romance!
Finally, after the longest stretch I get to live with my deepest love.
I can only desire longer life so as to be with him.
I have everything because of him.
Complete and in league with his wit and wisdom.
Our wisdom only gets stronger as we grow wider.
Sharing the jokes, the smile, the laughs,
And the tears with one another.
A poetic monarch lives with me.
A man of mental prowess beyond my realities
His incredible use of language meets my ears from lofty places of thought.
His words are wrought from years of pain, study, and reflection.
How do I answer? Mainly in jest to many of his queries.
Nevertheless, I must spark some inspiration in his mind, for him to go out on a ledge.
We start designing metaphors like pearls from our kissing lips.
Truly, this wife and husband do not match the old marriage cliches.
Only do we match sometimes, when I forget I am with my best friend ,
and speak a sharp word or two of thoughtless rebuke before I catch myself.
Love is the Bliss, you cannot easily find in a quick tryst.
Our union is blessed with two rambunctious dogs.
Our pets add their fervorous frolic to the family fun, and they
wag their tails excitedly when home we come!
Our bed is a haven of comfort where we wind up watching TV and
eating a hot, healthy vegetarian meal.
The joy of making music brings us up to higher and happier places as we transcendent feel.
More than the soft ticking of the clock.
“Marriage” is but a name to describe a synthesis of mind and heart.
Two souls with similar goals.
Both knowing each others faults,
but not making each other the target of blame,
but rather the target of Cupid’s dart;
Because love is the alchemy that unites a loving pair.
It’s a private world that keeps sacred the secrets of two hearts!
Two hearts who will shield each other’s confidences with care.
Peace comes from patience.
We talk things over to learn the ways of life.
We teach one another how to deal with stress, and how to react to disappointments.
What does one do if one cannot ask a question of one’s true love?
One must break through the silence and seek the answer anyway.

It is wiser to be thought of as a fool and speak up, than to appear to be wise,
and be a silent fool full of doubt!

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