Be nice

Suppose you try and do something and everyone tells you you’re wrong. That is the way it seems to be sometimes.

Russell Simmons says that you should “do you!” It is somewhat exciting to be yourself, but people don’t like it. They want you to “do them.”

Like in the song “Cecilia,” my confidence has been shaken as of late. People seem to imagine me doing their bidding. I’m not a Slave. Perhaps that’s what they need. But I am not a Slave. I can live my own life perfectly contented because of the distance I’ve traveled.

We have a spoiled society of consumerism. People who are so out of touch with what is real, and it makes you want to slap them up the side the head. 

I call these people users and abusers. Once in awhile they rear their ugly heads in my life, usually they show up as immature members of the public. 

It makes you wonder what kind of a generation we are raising.

Of course, critics can be very mean. I’ve never found a competent critic who is well-meaning.

I suppose that it’s every man and woman for themselves. I’m glad I’m strong enough at my age to be able to cope. Thank goodness for my husband, my sister, and my two dogs.

I have to confess that once in awhile one of my associates in my business of broadcasting also has a word of encouragement for me. It’s too bad we have to look outside ourselves for our confidence. Nonetheless, every one of us has the power to uplift each other or tear each other down. 

Be nice.

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