Some memories are useless

I remember I used to work at a coffee shop.

I used to love to drink my coffee in a large tall mug such as the one pictured above.

Today as I sip my fragrant hazelnut coffee out of a long, tall mug, it takes me back to my college years.

There were happy times and there were sad times, but coffee time was always a good time!

During my college years I was disconnected from popular culture. I did not watch TV or go to movies. I was in a little bubble of music all my own.

There was a fellow I met who looked like Brad Pitt. I did not know who Brad Pitt was. What to me looked like a German fellow, turned out to be the spitting image of a movie icon, the likes other women drooled over.

I just liked him because he was also a very musical fellow, an international traveler, and good at computer science. Plus, I needed a place to crash since I lived out of town. Eventually we parted ways, he was leaving the country and moving away. Plus, he was a bit of a religious nut. But, he was a nice guy albeit too much of a neatnik! 

When I think of this coffee mug it reminds me of the past. 
In spite of this bout of nostalgia, I feel the things worth remembering are the things that are of practical value, such as experience.

Nevertheless, you can’t walk through an antique store without seeing things that remind you of your childhood. They may not be important, but they’re fun to revisit now and then.

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