I’ll get fat for you

I’m still struggling with my weight, but I’ve been exercising a lot with Pokemon Go.
Evidently, there is something that I love more than a skinny body. It is food. 

Today I had the most delicious pizza. I followed it with a slice of the most delicious chocolate cake. Of course I had beer with that pizza, and for dessert I had a delicious Riesling wine paired with milk chocolate cake. 

When I drink I like to pair it 1:1. If I drink a glass of beer, I’ll drink a glass of water. If I drink a glass of wine, I have a glass of water.

It’s terrible being fat and craving yummy food, isn’t it? But you know food is meant to be enjoyed. The world doesn’t want you to enjoy your food, it wants you to be thin as a stick.

I’ve been very blessed with being healthy, and not having any problems. The truth is I don’t want my heart to have to deal with an overweight gal for the next 25 years or so. 

So now we have Pokemon Go. It makes me go.

I go out walking with the dogs.

I hope this will be my saving grace!

Musically yours, mucho gusto!

Amy Zents

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